Leisuretime Photography is the ONLY leisure time photography specialist in Arizona.

Photography is an art form and we are passionate about creating images that capture the moment--all those fun, thought provoking, and relationship building moments.

We will not ask you to pose. Instead, we use our keen eye and expertise to capture you in motion, paying meticulous attention to detail to showcase real expressions.

And, because we use traditional methods of photography, we bring more character to your photos to achieve a classic, more memorable look. Our goal is to make you think back, enjoy reliving your most treasured memories, and share life's best experiences.

We want to be there during any type of celebratory event, picnic, club function, corporate function, or even a special night out. Anywhere there is fun, we are ready to be your personal photographer-- offering quality and value with a traditional look.

Leisuretime Photography provides personalized service. We guide you through the full process, starting with a free consultation to understand your unique expectations. After the shoot, we work with you to help select your images, then, we maximize the professional quality of each chosen photograph as a work of art.


Leisuretime Photography's concept was created by owner and photographer Barney Kahn. He has had a fascination with photography for more than 20 years and is a perfectionist. Barney honed his craft working at Empire West Studios (the #1 Model and Talent photography studio in Arizona) for five years and completing numerous photography classes through Scottsdale Community College.

His work has been published in the Arizona Commission on the Arts, Summer, 2006 and in 202 Magazine, March, 2011.

We look forward to speaking and working with you. Contact us by phone, contact form, or by clicking on the email address in the "contact" area. We'll be happy to answer your questions and set up a free consultation.



"Your photos are more than just colorful. They are spectacular. ... every print made me smile." B. Maack, Communications Director, March of Dimes Arizona Chapter

I'm thrilled with the shot. And my parents loved all the photos you took! I've received so many compliments on the bulletin photo - Thank you, for everything! Jaime Dempsey